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  • meera dit :

    « Apprehended like a common terrorist ? » Of course he behaved like worse!
    « Good sense, as well as honor, require it »? Who the hell are you guys here to even talk about good sense? Just hear yourself talk , you are just the kind of people who will say this! Rape is rape, my friends, and your genius is no use if it could not stop you from committing such a heinous act!

    I am glad there is justice after all.

  • amazing dit :

    Amazing that so many intellectuals can fool themselves into thinking the forcible oral, vaginal, and anal rape of a 13 year old child can go unpunished because they sympathize with the rapist.

  • Bill dit :

    As a very wealthy individual who can afford many sophisticated and
    expensive attorneys, a member of the intelligentsia, and a talented
    filmaker with many powerful and influential friends, Mr. Polanski
    should certainly not be subject to the same standards of behavior and
    the same laws as the rest of us ordinary citizens who have only one
    citizenship and do not have to divide our time among opulent homes
    in different beautiful places. Obviously, he is (or should be), as his
    defenders say, above the law. After all, is drugging and raping a
    little girl (thirteen years old) such a terrible crime? Bernard-Henri Lévy,
    the « philosopher, » asserts that Mr. Polanski, “perhaps had committed
    a youthful error.” There was no crime, and, perhaps, no error, according
    to that leading philosophe. Or, perhaps, there was a youthful error; who
    can say? Certainly not the officials charged with enforcing the law. Why
    should anyone expect a « youthful » 40 year old man to avoid raping a
    little girl? After all, only recent crimes are important anyway.
    Perhaps his sycophants will next assert that the indiscretion was her
    fault; perhaps she forced herself on this defenseless man. She should
    apologize, and the sooner the better!

  • Andrew dit :

    The statute-of-limitations which you speak are void since he left the country and turned himself into a fugitive. Polanski had a very raw deal when it came to the judge but nothing outside the law was done by the judge. He pled guilty under the idea that he would go to this mental ward and whatever the mental ward would recommend as his sentence the judge would agree. The ward declared him no harm and he should be set free after forty some days. The Judge renegaded on this which as I said above is total BS but the Judge was allowed to do. What Roman sould have done is take back his Guilty plea since the judge ended the plea bargain and then he could have went to trail were the man faced between 2-4 years at that time in California.

  • hmm dit :

    It seems the author of this petition chickened out and hid the full list of names because too many people were getting upset/repulsed, but they are saved here for posterity
    Isabelle Adjani
    Antoine Aronin
    Paul Auster
    Morgane Beauverger
    Candice Belaisch-Goldchmit
    Yamina Benguigui
    Pascal Bruckner
    Jessika Cohen
    Philippe Corbé
    Jean-Paul Dayan
    Katarina De Meulder
    Arielle Dombasle
    Nathalie Faucheux
    Corinne Figuet
    Pierre Forciniti
    Louis Garrel
    Albert Gauvin
    Johanna Gozlan
    Davide Homitsu Riboli
    Taylor Hackford
    Isabelle Huppert
    Neil Jordan
    Thierry Kamami
    Milan Kundera
    Gaelle Lancien
    Claude Lanzmann
    Bernard-Henri Lévy
    Sam Mendes
    Camille Meyer
    Patrick Mimouni
    Yann Moix
    Mike Nichols
    Sandra Nicolier
    Marie Nieves Perez Neël
    Salman Rushdie
    Carine Sarna
    Ysabelle Saura Del Pan
    William Shawcross
    Olivier Soares Barbosa
    Steven Soderbergh
    Nil Symchowicz
    Danièle Thompson
    Eugenia Varela Navarro
    Diane von Furstenberg
    Margaret Walker
    Elsa Zylberstein

  • John Skookum dit :

    Anybody I meet from this list will receive a gob of my spit in their face. They are pure evil.

    To all decent human beings! I implore you, do not ever again spend your money on a book or movie connected with any of these filthy pedophile-loving scum. They should be shunned. They are the dregs of society, the slime that grows on the shit at the bottom of a latrine in a French whorehouse.

  • Harr dit :

    You won my respect in the footsteps of Tocqueville. With this, you foreever lost it.

  • You Disappoint Me dit :

    Indeed, Bill. According to BHV, 40 is « youthful » but that only applies to men. Girls of 13 are too old. Perhaps he and his fellow rape sympathizers should send their daughters to visit Polanski in prison. Though nobody over 13. That’s not his cup of tea.

  • AB dit :

    YOu have shown yourself to be the equivalent of an American neo-con mediocrity or a remnant of a feudal era standing slavishly by and pimping children for a rapacious seigneur. Vive la revolution.

  • Emma dit :

    Listen to this, Intellectuals, Actors etc if you can speak English.
    By creating this petition you have drawn more attention to this case than the media ever could. You have contradicted your ‘aims’, the victim you so callously used in defence for your ‘friend’ will be put into the spotlight more so beacuse of your actions. And most importantly, the message do you send to people outside your little ‘intellectual’ bubble(what you need is common sense). ‘there are children who are being raped as I speak who are going to say to themselves ‘well, there’s no point in saying anything because the people I look up to won’t protect me ».

  • Theresa dit :

    Mr. Polanski admitted his guilt.

    Why does this belated justice offend you?

  • diard guillaume dit :

    M. Levy, je viens de découvrir votre position sur l’affaire Polanski : je suis très surpris sur le soutien que vous portez à la « victime Polanski ». Je comprends qu’il s’agit là d’un tour de passe-passe politico-médiatique. certains, il y a beaucoup d’absurdité dans l’action de la police suisse. Revenons aux faits : un homme alors agé de 43ans (en age de raison) viole une fille de 13ans avec l’utilisation d’un sédatif, les faits ont été reconnus par Polanski lui-même. La victime, la jeune fille, a retiré sa plainte. Cela retire-t-il pour autant la culpabilité de son agresseur; peut-être justifié ce crime par une enfance malheureuse de cet artiste mondialement reconnu. N’êtes vous pas en train de soutenir un homme qui estime que « comme beaucoup, il est naturellement atiré par de très jeunes femmes »? La faiblesse de cette argumentation ne tiend pas. Je pense qu’on hésiterait pas à poursuivre plus de 30ans après les faits un illustre inconnu pour des faits comparables. Je pense que Samantha Geimer a surtout envie d’être loin de cette douloureuse histoire, par soucis de tranquilité. Elle a sans doute pardonner, moyennant finances. Cette femme n’est pas juge de l’affaire, elle n’était que victime. Son pardon ne peut être un verdicte. Une chose est sûre, le crime a bel et bien été comis. on ne me le nier. S’il on donne raison à cette cavale, à cet homme qui a commis l’innacceptable, alors que pourrait-on attendre de la justice dans le monde. Roman Polanski pourra avoir toutes les excuses du monde, il ne peut nier ses actes. Il n’est jamais trop trard pour payer le prix de sa culpabilité, à fortiori dans un crime qu’on ne souhaiterait pas soi-même subir (ou sa fille, son fils, qui que ce soit). Je trouve qu’on s’offusque de la manière dont Roman Polanski s’est fait arrêté, alors qu’on ne se soucis que peu de Samantha Geimer, de sa douleur au moment des faits. Un viol se n’est pas drôle, on en sort jamais indemne. Enfin, qui a envie de voir sa fille de 13ans violée (et droguée) par un homme de 43ans riche et célèbre, et que ce crime reste impuni à ce jour ? M. Levy je vous adresse mes salutations distinguées. Guillaume Diard

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